Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dan and I are ENGAGED!!!

Last Monday Dan and I got engaged! He totally surprised me. We were just having a typical Monday night hanging out at the apartment. We started talking and Dan was being extra sweet without making any goofy comments like he usually does. Then I was like "What are you doing on the floor?" as he got down on one knee, I was obviously oblivious. Then he pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him! I said yes, of course, after freaking out for a few minutes :)

Later I found out that Dan had left a message for my Dad on the Friday before. But my dad had left his cell phone off all weekend, so Dan was left sweating it out all weekend thinking my dad was possibly disapproving or something. Well of course that's not the case and my dad called Dan back on Monday. Dan told me he knew he couldn't wait until the next weekend again so he decided Monday was just as good as any other night. I think it's cute that he just couldn't wait to ask me and he surprised me much more than if we went out to fancy dinner or something because I probably would have been suspecting.

I feel so lucky to have found such an amazing man. Dan treats me so well and we are both so happy together. Now for all the wedding planning... At this point we basically don't know any details about when,where, etc. so we will let you know when the details start to be determined.

Here are a couple of pictures of the ring. It's gorgeous, Dan did an amazing job picking it out!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ice, Church, and Beer :)

I've come to learn that Texas winters are awfully strange. It may be 35 degrees one day and about 2 days later it can get back up to 70 degrees again. Last week I experienced my first real ice storm. Basically what happened is we had freezing rain and the temperatures kept dropping so by the time morning came around absolutely everything had a thin layer of ice covering it. The parking lot in my apartment complex looked a little like a skating rink and I had to pour water over the seams of my car door and the lock because everything was iced shut. But by noon the sun was shining and the ice was melting. And this weekend it got up to almost 80 degrees!

My job is going well and Dan and I found a church we both like. It's huge but it seems like they have a lot of good programs and opportunites to be a part of smaller groups. The church even has a 2 story play place in it (think MacDonalds with ball pins and tubes to climb through) and an electronic check in service for parents dropping off their kids for Sunday school. You get a receipt for your kid...does that mean you can exchange it too? :) But all of that aside it seems like a really good church, it's just big so it has to be organized.

I also found my favorite bar in the area. It's called the Flying Saucer. It has about 200 beers on tap from all around the world so basically you can go there and try something new every time. Definitely worth checking out if you ever come to Dallas.