Friday, October 26, 2007

Monday, October 22, 2007

Just your "average" day at PDA

Fortunately or unfortunately Walmart is part of my daily routine. Dodging old ladies is becoming a specialty of mine. We have about 90 people staying at our camp right now so it's a tight squeeze around here. And the Walmart runs are pretty funny. For example, today I bought 120 bratwursts, 15 heads of lettuce, and 18 boxes of angel food cake. I got some pretty strange looks when I piled 120 bratwursts up in the check out line :)

It's also raining buckets around here today. When it rains down here it pours, Seattle rain has nothing on the downpours we get here. The funny thing is no one seems to own rain gear around here. During my trip to Walmart everyone was just walking around in t-shirts soaking wet. It's one of those days that I just want to curl up "inside" (in my trailer) all day and pretend the world doesn't exist. Thankfully everything is going smoothly around here even with 90 people, it's a miracle!

In other news, a week or two ago some insect bit me on the foot. They couldn't tell me what it was but my foot was so swollen and I ended up going to the ER for it. But no worries, I'm doing just fine now and my foot is back to its normal size, but you have to check out how it looked.

Now that's a swollen foot.

I wouldn't want to leave you with the gross image of my foot so here's a pretty sunset from a couple days ago.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Road Trip Continued

After we left the Grand Canyon we drove to New Mexico and stayed with my brother in Sante Fe. Then as we were driving out of New Mexico towards Texas we saw about 5 to 10 tarantulas on the road! It was insane! The first one Cassandra accidentally ran over but then we kept seeing more as we were driving. PJ insisted on stopping even though I was strongly protesting. He caught one in his camera case and attempted to smuggle it into the car with us, but I pretty much freaked out and we locked him out of the car until he let it go. My heart was beating so fast, I am not a fan of spiders, especially tarantulas! It was pretty ridiculous but quite a story.

The tarantula, ick!

PJ catching the tarantula

Cassandra and I at Turner Falls, Oklahoma. I was very impressed by Oklahoma, it's pretty. And there was a Big Foot researcher where we camped in Oklahoma, such good times.

PJ enjoying the view

We hiked along a little trail up to this creepy but cool cave!

Our last stop was in Wesson, Mississippi. Cassandra has a friend who owns a dairy farm, so we woke up in the morning and helped feed the calves. Cassandra even named a couple of the calves.

Seattle to Mississippi!

I never got a chance to update y'all on how the road trip went, but it was amazing! Cassandra, PJ, and I had an amazing time! We went to Vegas, the Grand Canyon, visited my brother in Sante Fe, went to Oklahoma, and Mississippi. We camped along the way and it was definitely the best road trip I've been on. Here are some pictures to help you relive the moment :)

Cassandra and I starting off in good ol' Washington


The heavens opened up for us in Oregon

The strip in Vegas at night. We drove from Seattle to Vegas in one day, it was insane! And we slept in an industrial parking lot in Vegas, that was pretty hilarious. Then we picked up PJ and drove to the Grand Canyon!

At the Grand Canyon!

The Grand Canyon is absolutely spectacular!!! There is no way any of my pictures can capture how amazing it is! It seriously looks fake and I couldn't stop saying, "This is so awesome" over and over again.

Hiking into the canyon

I'll post some more pictures from the trip soon!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Trusting God

For about a year or so, God has constantly been teaching me how to truly trust Him. It sounds like such a simple concept and it is, but in practice it is one of the hardest things to do. To just let go and let Him have the control over whatever situation I am facing. I should have it down by now because looking back over this last year and a half I can tell you some pretty amazing stories of God's faithfulness in my life.

The story of how I ended up here in Mississippi is an incredible testament to how God is always orchestrating everything perfectly even though it often looks like complete chaos to us. About a year and a half ago I came to Mississippi for the first time to help with the hurricane relief effort, little did I know that that trip would be the beginning of a new direction in my life. After I left the first time I just kept wanting to come back and I did during that spring and the following summer. It was so hard for me to leave last summer and when I returned home to Seattle I immediately felt homesick for Mississippi. What a strange but incredible feeling to miss a place so much. No one likes being homesick, but it often means that you have left something you love and I am so thankful to have found something to be homesick for.

I felt like I was waiting on God all last year because all I wanted to do was come back to Mississippi. At times I felt like God was teasing me and I was afraid that my time here was finished. But I just had to be patient and God opened up the right opportunities and I am exactly where I want to be. Sometimes when things start to get a little chaotic around here I have to remind myself why I am here and that I am exactly where I want to be. I'm living the dream, my dream at least.